All ADP Facilitators are professionals whose regular work involves helping individuals connect with one another. They include trained facilitators, mediators, ombuds, social workers, counselors, clergy, and more. They generously volunteer their time and expertise to help ensure each ADP Call is respectful and productive.

Dialogue can be difficult, and it is incredibly useful to have knowledgable, experienced dialogue experts on hand. Facilitators “host” each call in that they open the call, keep time throughout, and close the call when it’s finished. But they are also there to set a positive emotional tone, model and uphold the Norms for Productive Dialogue, and provide assistance to any participants who feel stuck, uncomfortable, unsure, or scared.

Being an ADP Facilitator is both manageable and rewarding. If you are qualified, please consider volunteering.  ADP provides the opportunity to share your professional expertise in a flexible, responsive, low-visibility yet high-impact way. ADP is an entirely non-partisan volunteer-based organization that you can assist as your schedule permits.

If you would like to volunteer as a facilitator, please complete the contact form below. You can also easily share this page with your colleagues and communities of practice using the social buttons below.