An American Dialogue Project call is a low-risk yet high-reward opportunity to talk to someone different from you with the help of a trained dialogue expert. It will likely be the most interesting 40 minutes of your day. 

ADP Calls are the building blocks of the American Dialogue Project. Each call is a simple, structured 40-minute phone conversation between two strangers with the assistance of a professional facilitator. Each call centers on the prompt:

“Tell us about something that defines you and / or significantly shapes your perspective on life.”


“I ask you to have the confidence that each wholehearted conversation you are part of can make a difference to our common future.”

– Anne W. Dosher

The topics discussed on ADP calls range wildly because participants decide what and how much they want to share. Regardless of what is discussed, ADP Calls afford all participants the opportunity to

  • speak uninterrupted,
  • listen carefully,
  • ask/answer questions,
  • use the facilitator for support or guidance.

In addition to keeping time and providing assistance as requested, the Facilitator ensures that ADP’s Norms for Productive Dialogue are adhered to throughout.

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