The American Dialogue Project exists to help people be in conversation with one another in an accessible, productive way. It is a platform for building our capacity for dialogue.

At the heart of the American Dialogue Project is the ADP Call, a very basic idea. It’s just a short phone conversation, no more than 40 minutes, between two strangers who are each compelled or curious enough to want to connect and swap stories.

The call is convened by a trained facilitator, who is on hand throughout to help keep the conversation on time and on track. Two different people from different walks of life take turns talking and listening. And that’s it. When the call is over, it’s done.

The core experience of dialogue is that of listening and being heard. ADP is here to remind us how satisfying and powerful that feeling of connection can be.

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In addition to the Calls, ADP aggregates resources that anyone can use to learn more about dialogue and improve their ability to engage in it well. ADP will also provide a roster of professional facilitators who are available to work in local communities to foster and support dialogue in the near future.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

How can we talk it through? When we talk together, we have a choice between destructive diatribe and constructive dialogue. We can choose life and connection or separation and disintegration. We have the opportunity to choose life, but to do so, conversation is essential. Listening to each other and truly talking together–these are deep, sociospiritual actions. People think talking is not action. That’s a mistake. Conversation is a profound action that helps us to expand our consciousness and connect together parts and people that are separated. I can’t think of anything else that does that. It is one of our unique human paths to fulfillment and wholeness.” – Anne W. Dosher